Two Rooms Available in Dandelion

open rooms posted on August 27, 2014

We have two rooms opening up this fall in Dandemonium house (1710 W. 8th Street). The house sits on a half acre just adjacent to the land and is the primary group house of Dandelion Village. It’s about a 10 minute bike ride down west 7th street to get to down town. The half acre itself is host to multiple gardens and a greenhouse. Back on the land is a three year old food forest, several naturally built structures, an outdoor classroom, a pond and two and a quarter acres of space to grow.

We’re looking for people interested in and excited about sustainability, permaculture, and community. There’s a lot to do in the coming months so if you’re excited about helping to build a forming ecovillage, if you want to have a voice in the structuring of a coop, if you want to help design and expand a food forest and organic gardens, then we want to hear from you!

There are a few responsibilities that come with all that goodness. We have mandatory meetings and workdays on the first and third Sunday of every month. You’ll be required to attend these. The workdays start at 3 pm run until the meetings at 6 pm. The meetings are usually over by 7:30 pm or so, but sometimes run a little longer. You’ll be responsible for paying dues to the village each month of $50 per person in addition to rent and utilities. We ask for a 6 month lease so that we can maintain some continuity and you’ll be responsible for the rent until a replacement is found if you leave before the term of that lease. And with a voice in the way the community runs and is structured you’ll have the responsibility to use that voice wisely.

If you’re interested, please send an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and tell us about yourself, why you want to live in the village, what parts of ecovillage living excite you the most and how you hope to contribute.

The following rooms are opening up:

1st Floor Rear Room in Dandemonium

September 01, 2014
$140 + $50 per person in dues

This is our smallest room. It is the back room on the first floor of Dandemonium house, just behind the kitchen. It’s small, but cozy with a door to the back patio and a built in shelf that can either serve as a lofted twin bed or a storage area.

2nd Floor Front Room in Dandemonium

November 01, 2014
$250 + $50 dues per person

This is the largest room we have. It has a cubby hole, south facing windows and easily enough space for two people. Or one person who needs an office area.