Rights and Responsibilities of Membership

A village member is currently defined as anyone living on or adjacent to the village land who pays dues. The basic requirements of membership are the following:

  • Pay dues to the village LLC of $50 a month. If you wish to donate more, you may (and some members do).
  • Do 6 hours of volunteer work for the village during workdays per month.
  • Attend two mandatory workdays and meetings every month on the first and third Sundays. The workday begins at 3 pm and the meeting follows immediately after at 6pm. If you must miss a week’s meeting or workday, then you must notify village members well ahead of time.

Members have a vote in all village decisions, including how collected dues will be spent, what to spent workday time on, and what projects to focus village energy on. Village decisions are made by consensus. In times when consensus cannot be reached, a fallback is employed where a voting majority of 80% of the village may choose to override those blocking consensus. In the future village membership may be redefined or even split into two categories.