Square Dance and Bon (Cross-Town) Voyage Danny Celebration

event posted on August 26, 2014
August 29, 2014 at 8:00 PM
Dandelion Village 1710 West 8th Street Bloomington, IN 47404

Danny Weddle, village founder, and The New Hoosier Broadcasters will be holding a square dance at Dandemonium House (1710 W. 8th Street) this Friday in honor of his moving on from the village. The village has reached the stage where it can survive beyond its founders and Danny has reached the point where he is ready to move on to his next project. And we’re throwing a party to celebrate both occurances!

The dance will be start 8pm and likely run until 11pm.

If you’re an experienced square dancer come dance with us! If you’ve never been to a square dance, never fear, all dances are taught before hand and easy to pickup on the fly. There will be whiskeys, instruments, dance callers, some chaos, and potentially some raspberries. Come party at the village!

Danny writes the following note about his moving on from the village:

5 years ago I, Daniel Joseph Weddle´╗┐, was one of the founders of Dandelion Village. Over the years I have always carried a notion that healthy communities can stand without their founders and kept my 30th birthday in mind, as my departure time from the village. Less than 30 days from now I enter that new decade and after taking a couple of short sabbaticals this year have decided to move on from the village to projects of personal inner work and tiny home construction. Fortunately that move is not much of a physical one as I will be landing with the local Catholic Workers as a carpentry intern.